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We just picked up our new Knight from DeMartini a few days ago. http://www.demartini.com/ We traded in our 2002 Dip. The Knight and Diplomat are on the same chassis. The ride through the Eastern Sierras to get home was very pleasant. Monaco did a very nice job of improving the very good ride of the 2002 chassis to an excellent ride in the 2008 model. The only problem we had with our Dip was the three point leveling system that is used. We bent the support cross beam that the front jack attaches to. Monaco said operator error. I'm not so sure. Monaco did agree to help with the repair even though it was out of warrantee. BTW The only real difference between the Knight and Diplomat is the 400hp vs 360hp.(Knight) About $10,000 higher base price. Whatever you do get a quote from DeMartini. Easy to do online. We shopped 5 different dealers and DeMartini was the lowest by $8000. Plus free PDI and free out of State delivery. The best RV purchase experience by far. Family owned shop and real nice people. Good luck. Dan

Posted: 02/18/08 07:33am

As mentioned above, go to the Demartini website. No better people or price.

Posted: 02/16/08 02:55pm

This dealer, DeMartini RV will probably give you the best price of any dealer in the nation. They will do a complete deal over the phone and even deliver for N/C. I think you should at least check them out.

Posted: 02/16/08 09:48am

I bought my 05 Diplomat quad slide from DeMartini. Outstanding people to deal with and their service has been excellent. I have 45,000 miles and 4 slides and the slides have been trouble free with zero leaks

Posted: 02/12/08 03:42pm

We bought our current MH from Tim and Crew at DeMartini as well! It was a very pleasant experience, imagine that! We would buy from him again! I agree. hard to imagine.

Posted: 02/12/08 11:09am

Hi folks. We are at DeMartini's RV now. Camping out while we do the PDI on our new Monaco Knight. You should see their new location. It's in a park like setting with an indoor showroom that is hard to believe. This family owned biz sets the standard for customer service and straight shooting. They also beat the best price we could find on our coach choice by $8K. Also free out of state delivery and no charge for the PDI. So before you decide on a dealer get a bid from these guys on your new Monaco product. Best RV buying experience ever. Dan http://www.demartini.com/

Posted: 02/12/08 06:43am

One thing you might think about - the fuel to go get one that is a 1000 miles away cost approx. $400. That is very little money when you are talking 4-5% on list. Call DeMartini 1-800-576-1921 They will deal with you if anyone in the country will!

Posted: 02/02/08 01:56am

Contact DeMartini RV on the Diplomat. They will give you at least the 25% and are awesome to deal with. They also deliver, take trades and have a super reputation.Ditto what the Texan said. They will even deliver. Mine came from their Indiana facility and they delivered to California. Great deal, great people, and a great product!

Posted: 02/01/08 07:20pm

New Camelots will be on street before March. Ordered a 40ft. OPD and it is due to come off the assembly line on 2-25-08....As have a lot of you I found DeMartini to be the best. My salesman was Nate and he was the best. Duffy's Dad

Posted: 01/27/08 03:34pm

I too can echo the comments on Demartini in Indiana. We purchase our 2008 Diplomat 40SKQ when they first came out last summer and have been totally satisfied. We drove from Southern Maryland twice to do a factory tour and talk with DeMartini - went through Ron Cole - also met Rod and everyone is top notch. They don't have a Monaco franchise (last I heard) but they will work through their California office and it's no sweat. As you know Holiday Rambler and Monaco come off the line side by side. Feel free to contact Tim DeMartini in California if you have any other concerns.

Posted: 01/26/08 10:11am

I have no hesitation recommending the DeMartini dealership in Indiana. I have had the opportunity to work with Rod Martin, the manager of the Indiana store, extensively and I think you would be hard-pressed to find a nicer more accommodating individual. He and his staff are honest folks that will go the extra distance to make you happy in your purchase and any service you may need. As a bonus, you will probably get a very good deal by going through them. Bill

Posted: 01/26/08 09:47am

There is no better dealer than DeMartini. The Camelot and Scepter are a toss up (cousins built on the same assembly process). I have found Monaco Rv to be a class act and the product an excellent value. I am currently working with them on a warranty issue (I'm out of warranty at 32 months and 44,000 miles)and have found them quite cooperative. Jim

Posted: 01/23/08 05:38pm

Also, the best dealer you will find to deal with on a Monaco product, or any product they sell, is DeMartini RV in either Grass Valley, CA or in Elkhart, IN. After having a Freightliner chassis and now a Roadmaster chassis, you would be hard pressed to put me back into a Freightliner(wallow wagon) chassis of any configuration. If you really want to go to a high dollar coach, then start looking for a 2 or 3 year old Foretravel, Bluebird, Newell, Beaver, etc and let someone else take the big hit on depreciation and have already worked the bugs out. Good luck on your search and upgrade.

Posted: 01/21/08 08:18am

DeMartini is, frankly, the only dealer worth talking to for both new & used RV's. Honest, deep discounts that will not be beat and a great selection

Posted: 01/19/08 11:14am

Save yourself a lot of grief, go to DeMartini and buy something that they carry.

Posted: 01/18/08 08:34pm

best dealer around....DeMartini in Grass Valley... internet site is rvdeals.com

Posted: 01/18/08 08:17pm

We bought our's 3000 miles away over the phone from DeMartini and went to the factory for pick up. They were just building the Indiana store so we missed out on getting it there.I don't trust most businesses but they have gone way above to earn that trust. I think you will really enjoy the sale as much as someone could signing his life to those kind of numbers:E Safe travels with your new coach, Jerry

Posted: 01/17/08 10:35am

I have traded in one and purchased two motorhomes from Tim DeMartini, and could not bring myself to look elsewhere when it is time for my next. You don't go there with a "fear of fleecing" lest you be embarrassed for acting the fool. This dealership is not slick, not evasive, not high roller. It is drop dead honest and accommodating, and you will have to look long and hard to find anyone who would not return to DeMartini for their next coach. De"Martini". Hummmm. Maybe there is something in their drinking water.....

Posted: 01/17/08 12:35am

if you deal with Demartini, you can bet you're getting a fair deal from a GREAT dealer. They run an honest business and will take the time to get answers to all of your questions. G'Luck.

Posted: 01/16/08 09:10pm

Honestly Jimbo, it is sorta too good to be true. You like many people on RV.net have helped me to feel that I was making the right decision all along working with them. Just kept getting better. I really like a HR dealer near home, but the Knight was the right choice and so was DeMartini's. I was referred to them from a gentleman on rv.net. I surely wasn't wrong. As you know, they don't disappoint. Just wish CA wasn't so far away. Hopefully in the coming years we'll get out that way with the rolling cottage.

Posted: 01/16/08 05:41pm

For all of you who have helped me in the past 8 months....THANK YOU. Just ordered our first RV. 08 Monaco Knight SKQ from Tim DeMartini. Our experience can best be summed up by my wife who said over lunch late last week..."Not many business do business the way they do, anymore." From Tim's daughter Vicky to his brother John as well as Rod Martin the Sales Mgr at the Indiana store, this outfit is first class. I've never bought a Saturn, but from what I hear dealing with DeMartini's must be similar. No pressure, amazing accommodations, as well as a very strong price. DeMartini's has earned my business. I wish all dealers well and I hope all buyers find what they want, but if you are looking for your first or fourth motorhome, you will not waste your time by checking with Tim or Rod. As many of you know the Knight is a nice coach but there are sure fancier ones out there. Tim never once, nor did Vicky or Rod make me feel any less important that someone buy a coach for three or four times what we agreed to. This is a truly family run business and that made me feel good. There is a major dealer here in MI with six stores that is right in my town - store is a mile from my home (and sell what I bought from a dealer 3000 miles away). Moreover there is an excellent HR dealer about 20 mins from my house and I really really like the salesman there, but I still felt like DeMartini's was the right fit for us. I'm not going to get into the details of all they did, you can contact me if you have questions. Needless to say, I read so many threads on here about people who have or know people who have had poor experiences with dealers. I can't tell you ONE, not ONE bad thing about the entire process of working with DeMartini's. Tim is great and Rod Martin in Wakarusa is a total professional also. I own my own business and it was a great experience to deal with another business owner who wants to do what's best for the customer. Did the dealer make a profit off me. I hope they did. But I felt special the whole way through. Thank you Tim and your staff. I can't wait to see how they treat me when I actually take delivery of the coach. Mike

Posted: 01/16/08 04:44pm

We have bought our last two coaches from Tim Demartini at Demartini.com. We will be doing our third one this summer. Tim is right there with the lowest price and incredible delivery, but most important to us is this is a family where their word is their bond and they stand by the coach and the deal 100%. Great experience with integrity value.

Posted: 01/10/08 01:38pm

If one can be had in your price range, DeMartini RV will be the one to do it. They will work with you and then deliver it to you, if you can't get to one of their stores.

Posted: 01/08/08 05:48pm

Since you are in Northern Calif. I would first go to DeMartini RV in Grass Valley if only to talk to them. they are the only honest and very low pressure RV dealer that I know of. they always have a good inventory of used stuff, mostly only 2 to 4 years old. I have bought two RV's from them (1 used--1 new) and always felt they gave me the best deal possible. Above all, they have never misrepresented ANYTHING to me.

Posted: 01/05/08 11:22am

If you decide on new and Monaco or Holiday Rambler fit in you budget, be sure to contact DeMartini RV. They are in Grass Valley, CA. and have a new dealership in Indiana. Most honest, straightforward people you would ever want to meet. I can provide you with their number and info. If you want to call them, PM me and I will give you the info. They will deliver to you or arrange a factory pick up. Good luck and enjoy whatever you decide on.

Posted: 12/31/07 02:12pm

Last Friday my wife and I were in the Sacramento Ca area and decided to drive to Grass Valley to look at a motorhome listed on the Demartini web site. Although we did not buy on this trip, this was the very first time I felt totally comfortable discussing a purchase with a RV salesman. If I did not feel like I was wasting the salesman's time, I would go back just to visit. What a refreshing experience!!! Demartini RV is #1 on my list.

Posted: 07/16/06 10:42am

Check out the Indiana location - same outstanding attitude and cooperation from all involved.

Posted: 07/16/06 11:11am

I bought mine there and the customer attentiveness continues after the sale. What a great rv dealer. I know others who have bought from them and not one bad word has been said about them.

Posted: 07/16/06 12:03pm

Yep. I have heard so many good things about them, it will be my last dealership I visit. No doubt I will buy from them is what I mean. My neighbor purchased a HR from them. He is one of the picky engineer types that only relies on facts....just the facts! He purchased there and was really pleased, and he is hard to please

Posted: 07/16/06 12:08pm

Their service is also outstanding. I am impressed every time I visit them.


Posted: 07/16/06 12:12pm

I have purchased from them, and they go out of their way to satisfy the customer, while selling at rock bottom prices to boot.

And they are nice people too!

Posted: 07/16/06 12:21pm

I go back several years to when I bought the old Chieftain I still have from DeMartini. They were exceptional to deal with then.

I was living on San Juan Island north of Seattle at the time and after exchanging a few email and phone correspondences I bought a oneway plane ticket to Sacramento and made my purchase off the Sacramento lot.

It's nice to know that good business practices can remain the watchward of any business.

Sounds like Tim and his crew are still treating people right.


Posted: 07/16/06 01:16pm

I talked with them via email & phone about a 40' Diplomat last year when I was looking to buy a DP. Don't remember the salesman's name, and although I didn't buy from them I'd give them another chance to win my business if I were in the market for a new MH. Nice people and easy to deal with.

Posted: 07/16/06 02:23pm

I also have only good to say. We recently purchased from them. I will be back. There may be other dealers as good but you will not find better. Trustworthy dealers are rare. That being said I found their service center to be great also.

07/16/06 02:51pm

This topic has been discussed many, many times.

I have purchased from DiMartini in the past and would highly recommed them to any one, any time.


Posted: 07/16/06 03:33pm

Hey Tim, their talking about you and your staff again. And yes, Tim does monitor this site. It's just one way he monitors the pulse of his business.
Since purchasing our new 07 Dynasty from Tim in June, I have been proudly assisting with sales leads. If you have any questions don't hesitate to write, I'll do my best to get them answered asap. The DeMartini RV operations put customer satisfaction at the top of their list.

Posted: 07/16/06 03:37pm

We recently bought a motorcoach from DeMartini. Tim did a great job of guiding us as first time buyers through the process. After talking with other dealers for months, we bought from them in very short order.

Their follow up to insure resolution of the small problems that we had with our new coach has been nothing short of outstanding.

With forums like this one, the RV world is getting smaller and smaller. Recommendations, both good and bad, get around a lot faster. Because of this, they are, in my not so humble opinion, the model for the successful RV dealer of the future.

Posted: 07/16/06 05:18pm

I purchased a MH from DeMartini's Sacramento store. I have nothing but accollades for the staff (and Tim) at DeMartini.

I have a few issues so we shall see what happens when I take it in for service.

Posted: 07/17/06 08:58am

Last year I was interested in a MH at DeMartini so I called. Tim DeMartini answered the phone! We talked for a few miniutes and he told me I would get a 25% discount, no negotiating needed, he would order if I wanted, whatever it took. However, I had to apply on line for a credit profile to show I'm serious. I had no problem with that requirement. What a great interaction we had. It turned out I never completed the deal, had a change of mind. If I ever get re-interested in a Monaco or HR I'm going to DeMartini.

Posted: 07/17/06 09:30am

Bought our old unit from them and they were great. Said they would have unit ready by certain time and they did. Went through everything with me regarding the motor home. Was going to buy our new one from them but found what we wanted in our area of California.

Posted: 07/17/06 03:36pm

First I want to thank all the members of the forum who have given me support, both off line and on the forum. Right from the beginning, I requested your opinions and suggestions regarding my transmission failure, and in 350 posts, you came through in spades. Bravo!

Here are the links to the two threads I ran on this topic:

My Allison Transmission is Cooked

Monaco Turned Me Down Flat!

My dealer (DeMartini Sales) has stepped up to the plate and volunteered to reimburse 2/3ís or $3800 of my transmission repair cost, and he will subsequently then work with Monaco regarding a possible contribution on their part. He indicated that Monaco was willing to consider some assistance if it could be packaged acceptably. This is outstanding because it takes me out of the loop. It was Tim DeMartiniís view that all this press has made it virtually impossible for Monaco to give my case fair consideration since the time had expired on the coverage for the TSB/TSI. However, Tim said that he felt there was reasonable justification in my request for assistance, and after having followed the two rv.net threads for weeks, thought it was a good time to do the right thing and put an end to this dilemma. I have accepted his offer, and I am completely and totally satisfied with it terms. I essentially am contributing a third as well for my personal contribution in all this.

Like in any good fight you had in school as a kid, you finished up with a handshake. I feel no ill will towards Monaco, in fact my guess is this has raised a lot of visibility to changes needed in how future recalls and service bulletins are handled. That is good for all of us who own Monaco products. I plan to continue a good relationship with Monacoís service and parts departments, and I would like to extend my thanks to Monaco for providing the replacement cooler assembly as the goodwill gesture they did make up front. Letís give them credit for that. And letís also finish up this topic on a good note and not assume Monaco is ducking out on this settlement. It is very possible that in addition to the cooling unit, they will work some form of credit out with DeMartini. Letís at least give them the benefit of the doubt unless proven otherwise.

Lastly, how can I adequately express my appreciation to Tim DeMartini for putting an end to this ordeal. My typing fingers are just short of raw. I have said it before and I say it again, Tim DeMartini is a class act and this is just one example of why he is so successful. "Thank you Tim and family!!!"

You can bet that if and when I am in the market for another motorhome DeMartini Sales will be my dealer of choice, and I will include Monaco on my short list of manufacturers to consider. Other than this unfortunate set of circumstances I am very happy with our Endeavor.

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Good to hear that you've reached an amicable settlement. And kudos to Tim DeMartini for stepping up to the plate! Still a little dissappointed at MONACO's response to this matter, especially since you were a return customer. But at least you can put this issue behind you.

Posted: 03/14/06 03:24am

Now, we all have to give Tim DeMartini some support.
Get people there to look at his MHs...
One NEW DP sale will take take of things.

Posted: 03/14/06 03:24am

Stuart -

Kudos to Tim DeMartini !!!

We purchased our Diplomat from them also. I did several years of research on models and dealers. My take was I was going to buy from DeMartini RV because in all the posts on the RV.NET forum I had not heard one bad word about them. Not ONE !!! The fact that they were close to us helped, and I poured over their web site every day looking for new (gently used RV's) listings.

There were a few things that needed fixing when we purchased the Diplomat. They fixed them without question. They were up front with what they knew about our RV. They informed us that the previous owner failed to respond to the TSI 124 and had the out of pocket expense of repair of the transmission and replacement of the radiator, and gave us the receipt from where the work was done.

Again .. I would do business with them in a minute, and I'm very glad to hear they stepped up to make things right for you.

I still would like to see Monaco make changes to the way they keep track of maintenance issues and allow the information to be shared by the next owners.


Posted: 03/14/06 11:06am

Stewart, thank you very much for sharing thie episode with us. I think we have all (including Monaco) learned something from your sharing. As a Holiday Rambler owner for for many years, I am glad that you have published what a good dealer should be. Hats off to DeMartini for doing the right thing. I know you are happy with them. By the way, if you haven't been invited to join the 419 Pusher club. consider yourself ionvited now. You can read about them on HRRVC.org. Good Luck.

Posted: 03/14/06 11:23am

I like this idea! We bought our "previously owned" '92 Dynasty from DeMartini and now I know we'll go back when it's time to upgrade.
Also, as a note to those who were negative about this issue:
Perseverance, clearly presenting and understanding the problem, and the goodwill of lots of folks can work wonders.

Posted: 03/14/06 11:35am


I am a monaco fan, but more so I am a Tim Demartini fan, I bought my first unit from him, and almost bought my next coach. (still haven't pulled the trigger, daughter made it to Stanford (sorry for the shameless plug))

this is just one more example of great CS! good job Tim!

Henry, Karin, and the kids!
Posted: 03/14/06 12:11pm

I have nothing but respect for DeMartini. He should sell Foretravels, then I would have an excuse to buy from him...

Posted: 03/14/06 12:25pm

I know you are happy and should be. I had some emails with Stuart and we all need to remember that he was caught between a dealer, the manufacturer and previous owners. Let's not all jump on Monaco and bad mouth them. My own experience is that they have bent over backwards to solve some issues for me which were out of warranty!!! I would buy another Monaco product in a heartbeat based on my service/warranty experience. I had two other motorhomes from major manufacturers who not only wouldn't take my warranty calls when both selling dealers went into the tank, but left me high & dry. They are still in business but won't every get a nickle of my money. My kudos as well to DeMartini, they appear to be the dealer every other dealer should emulate.

Posted: 03/14/06 12:40pm

DeMartini enjoys an excellent reputation on this forum for that kind of service and help. It is obviously a reputation that was earned

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Congratulations & kudos to DeMartini.

I see DeMartini carries what might well be my next brand. The Indiana dealership is a long ways from me but I won't hesitate to consider them for my next purchase. We'd just camp "nearby" for a while to identify the bugs and visit with my step-son that lives in Indiana.

The California locations are much closer but I've no relatives there.

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We bought our 05 Diplomat from Nate from Demartini sales from across the country. I'm very fussy with whom I do business with. I never even met any of the people of Demartini's but I've been recommending them all the time for the way they treat their customers. We are going to the factory in a few weeks to fix a couple of items and are going to stop by their new facility in Indiana.I have never read, as one other poster said,anything negative about these guys and the outcome of Stuart's problem, highlights what fair business people they are. Nate, if you are reading this, hello from Gerard from Long Island.

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Cngratulations, Stuart! Really glad to hear that things worked out. Also pat on the back to Tim DiMartini, well done. Monaco, I hope, will address their procedures. I think Johnny T's suggestion makes a lot of sense and should be reasonably straight forward. What is the problem to notify someone of an outstanding TSI or TSB on a coach? I fail to see a privacy issue there. I'm glad they stepped up to the plate and took some responsibility. I hope they will reimburse DiMartini and put a new process in plce, as a safety issue if none else.

Joel and Bonnie
Posted: 03/14/06 07:11pm

Congratulations to DeMartini Sales and Monaco for the insight to create a win/win situation.

Posted: 03/14/06 07:28pm

I agree with everyones feeling good about DeMartini since they stepped up to the plate. I can not believe there are not many people that had a plesant experience with Monaco. They are producing great coaches and obviously growing. Let's hear some good experiences.

Posted: 03/14/06 07:46pm

Outstanding!!!! Glad to hear about a dealer stepping up.

Posted: 03/14/06 07:54pm

Stuart; I'm glad this worked out for you, just goes to prove the power of the pen! It also shows the customer valued feeling DeMartiniís has toward not only it's customers but perspective new ones. My wife and I fall into the later catagory as we will be buying our first DP this year. DeMartiniís in Indiana is one of my target places to purchase from, your story just make us feel better about our choice of dealers. To DeMartiniís thank you for stepping up and making this thing right, you will be money ahead in the future. I haven't decided about Monaco yet, let's see if they step up and do the right thing.

Posted: 03/14/06 09:01pm

flagypsy wrote:

DeMartini enjoys an excellent reputation on this forum for that kind of service and help. It is obviously a reputation that was earned

"a reputation that was earned"...boy that says it all...You can't buy respect you have to earn it...I just wish DeMartini would start selling Country Coach and Foretravel...Glad it worked out well StuartT

Posted: 03/14/06 09:31pm

I'm impressed with DeMartini. I've read a lot about them but this takes the cake.

Posted: 03/15/06 09:40pm

StuartT, congratulations on your resolution. I do believe these forums help all of us thru the dark times when things go wrong and we just need an avenue to vent and get a little fresh air to clear our heads for the next challenge. I'm also glad to hear there are still dealers out there that do care for their customers, mine is horrible and I would never direct anyone to them. Now get back on the road....
Jim K

Posted: 03/15/06 10:07pm

This isn't the first time I've heard good things said about DeMartini. As I recall it was about 4 or 5 years ago I became aware of their good service. Bravo Zulu

Posted: 03/16/06 06:03am

I don't have a need or want to purchase a new rig just yet, but after reading all your troubles and now reading that DeMartini is doing the right thing, I will make a note in my log, that when time comes, we will make a trip to them for a look/see. Ya just never know, he could recoup all the money he spent on just one new customer and that would be good for him.

Stacey Frank
Posted: 03/16/06 08:27am

Frank, no need for a trip, you can stay home and shop. What originally attracted me to DeMartini three years ago was his website. No other dealer in America does a better job of presenting the products they represent, and the inventory they currently have in stock. Vicki DeMartini should get an award (and maybe has) for all the effort she has put into that site. Go to: www.DeMartini.com.

Posted: 03/16/06 08:56am

I would like to add my .02 and see if I can't help these guys sell more coachs (not that they really need my help...read on). Not because I want them to get richer, because I get the feeling that they are not doing this for the money, but rather because if the word gets out on these guys, maybe, just maybe other dealers might wake up and learn just what customer service is all about.

First of all you can't beat their price, believe me I tried. And when was the last time a salesman told you your offer was too high? Yes, it happened to me.

And when was the last time a dealer gave you his honest opinion not to buy an extended warranty instead of telling you you need it? It happended to me.

When was the last time the owner of your local dealership actually answered the main phone line when you called and will he answer your email at 11 at night? It happens at Demartini.

During the walk through, I noticed a scratch on the microwave door. It was no big deal but while doing the paperwork he had one of his workers swap it out with another. I'm just conditioned to salespeople who give you a hard time about stuff like this.

I was also pleasantly surprised when it was delivered with a full tank of fuel, propane, and fresh water! Do all dealers do that? Demartini does.

I am sorry if this post comes off like a advertisement, I just felt compelled to get the word out cuz these guys just get it!

Thanks to all those who have helped me in my decision to buy my first motorhome. We are absolutly stoked!

Oh, and thanks for the GPS Tim, nice gift.

Posted: 05/09/05 12:14am

Got ours there on March 31 for the same reasons you mentioned. While we were out last week we met a couple who had purchased their Knight just 3 weeks ago. They were equally impressed.

Have fun!

Rick & Cheri Watson
Posted: 05/09/05 12:21am

They get my vote...even though I didn't buy from them they are all you say about professional sales people...it may sound corney but the do care...I stopped by when on vacation, just to kick some tires, and they just couldn't do enough for me in answering questions and spending time with me even though they knew I was not going to buy from then at that time...agree we need more like them...

Bill & CJ
Posted: 05/09/05 08:29am

I can't say that I have ever heard anything bad about them. That alone speaks volumes about them.

Posted: 05/09/05 08:38am

Demartini RV Sales is in Grass Valley, California. Which is about half way between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. Beautiful country by the way and thus well worth the drive.

I took the amtrak to Sac, and they sent a driver to my hotel to pick me up. Another nice touch I forgot to mention.

Their toll free # is 800-576-1921. Ask for Tim or Jon.

Posted: 05/09/05 09:54am

Add me to the list of Demartini fans and I haven't purchased anything yet. I'm planning on a new rig later this year and have been burning up the internet looking, driving my wife nuts. I've sent two inquiries to Demartini so far and they have responded immediately knowing that I'm not ready to buy just yet. I'll definately make the trip north to see them.

Posted: 05/09/05 09:59am

Great Kevin! Good to see that you bought that Diplomat. Now go out and enjoy it! Hope to see you down the road some time.

Posted: 05/09/05 10:05am

We were impressed with their honesty. They told us a lot of sales come from out of state buyers.
They meet them at the Sacramento airport and bring them to the operation.
We almost bought there but my wife vetoed the coach.
We will buy there for the next rig.

John and Cindy and Misty Rain (Chihuahua)
Posted: 05/09/05 10:38am

we got ours there too, great folks. I check thier site weekly for my "next coach" I delt with Rob and Les, both aces in my book. Just wish I could swing that 38ft triple slide they have up on thier site!!

Henry, Karin and the kids
Posted: 05/09/05 2:08pm

I inquired on their website a couple of times, and although I haven't bought anything from them, they seemed like a class outfit.

Ken & Jo Ann
Posted: 05/09/05 2:19pm

We bought our Endeavor from them last August. Tim dealt with us, so did his brother Jon and Tim's son (can't remember his name) took us out on a nice long and leisurely test drive.
They also discouraged us from buying the extended warranty and gave us a GPS as well.
We recommend them highly. Solid people with integrity.

The Dunks - Terry and Steve
Posted: 05/09/05 2:39pm

I bought from them just last week and could not be happier.

Posted: 05/09/05 2:52pm

Picked up our 05 Knight last month. They are the best! Everything posted here is true. I think that most who buy from them can't say enough to give them props any chance they can.

Posted: 05/09/05 2:56pm

Although I havent bought there, I have e-mailed them on several occassions....I say just from their courteous and prompt attention to my e-mails...they have to be good. Im a checker of their Web site weekly also...dreaming of the Navigator or someother 42-45 footer hehe lol

Posted: 05/09/05 11:20pm

We have purchased two coaches from Tim and will be getting the third in about 18 months. Thereis no better businessman to deal with than Tim Demartini.

Don & Kathy Irvine
Posted: 05/10/05 11:40am

Tim just replied back today to an internet inquiry on the following;
2006 Monaco Dynasty 40' Platinum IV Special Edition Item #6425 (Quad slides).

List price is $393,932.00 and he offered it through e-m for $298,000. If my math is correct, that is a nearly %25 off a 2006 Special Edition. It has $50K worth of options. Check it out on their web site.

I have not reviewed why it is an SE, but that usually in car lingo says no discount as it is a one of a kind. So, with some real horse trading, who knows what final figure can be met.

These guys appear to be the real mccoy....


Posted: 05/10/05 07:11pm

From my experience with the good guys, I think the price quoted is the price. Good for them.

Posted: 05/10/05 07:17pm

We have also had an enjoyable experience working with the DeMartini staff. No pressure and honesty... what more can you ask for?

Posted: 05/10/05 09:00pm

I would second everything said so far (the good stuff at least) and as to the comments on their prices on "the used stuff" they don't give them away but they do guarantee that you are getting what they say you are getting and generally (at least in Grass Valley) don't have a bunch of junk. After looking for our DP at every dealer in NO. Cal, we found and bought in just one weekend from them. Why; because they didn't try and B.S. us, they quoted just one price which was not high and not low but fair and offered much needed advice on many issues.

If just one RV manufacturer would adopt their ethics and standards, they would rule the market.

Posted: 05/10/05 10:27pm

RadmanGTO wrote:

Tim just replied back today to an internet inquiry on the following;
2006 Monaco Dynasty 40' Platinum IV Special Edition Item #6425 (Quad slides).

List price is $393,932.00 and he offered it through e-m for $298,000. If my math is correct, that is a nearly %25 off a 2006 Special Edition. It has $50K worth of options. Check it out on their web site.

I have not reviewed why it is an SE, but that usually in car lingo says no discount as it is a one of a kind. So, with some real horse trading, who knows what final figure can be met.

These guys appear to be the real mccoy....


When I was there last weekend, I had the opportunity to look at your "Special Edition Dynasty". After about 5 feet into the coach I grabbed my wife and got the hell out. I could tell it would spoil it for us. Interesting to note that Tim told me he bought all of the special edition Monaco's so he's cornered the market on em, so he doesnt really "have" to give that kind of a discount. Not sure what sets them apart but it was extremely nice.

Posted: 05/10/05 10:51pm

We bought our first coach from Demartini 2 years ago, it is a 1998 Georgie Boy that they originaly sold to the first owner. They couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. I had been looking for almost 2 years. I still check out their web site on a weekly basis. We have already deceided that when we buy our next coach it will be from Demartini. Fair and honest to deal with and with the best prices I've seen. They have two stores, one in Grass Valley and one in Sacramento.

Posted: 05/10/05 11:48pm

Forum Subject: Any dealings with DeMartini's RV?
Posted Question:
I was surfing their web site and found several what could be good deals. I was wondering if any one had any type of experiences with them.

Posted: 11/28/2003 8:36pm

I found    tim@demartini.com    a year ago when we started looking for a new coach.
I felt that the people in Tulsa didn't know what they were doing, and we were headed for the Sacramento area soon, so found Tim via Monaco website dealers, or Holiday Rambler: dealers. Don't remember.

Anyhow, after wasting time talking to dealers in Oregon, we got to the Sacramento area and decided to at least stop in and meet Tim. He had been SO good about answering e-mail, and seeming to be very open. 

To make it short, we bought our current rig from him and cannot imagine doing any better, or liking a dealership any better.

Deal with Tim (the owner) and there won't be commissions to be considered in pricing.
Tim's brother, Jon, is terrific also--knows his stuff.

DeMartini has a "store" in Sacramento, but Tim & Jon work at their store in Grass Valley, about 50 miles North of Sacramento.

Tim is a big, blond, gentle bear of a man; you will like him and Jon immediately, and can TRUST them.

I think Tim's first price out of the box was about 25% off MSRP.
He WILL quote you on line, and they deliver anywhere in the US.
I don't know how they handle a trade (away from Sacramento) since I was right there. I think demartinirv.com shows his inventory, maybe just used ones; again, I don't remember.

A happy customer---Walt Benson

Posted: 11/28/2003 8:55pm

YES....I have had two very good experiences with them...

(1)...I bought a new 37 foot diesel pusher and got the best price and
I was very happy with the DeMartini brothers,they treated me very well.

(2)...3 years later I took the same coach to DeMartinis and they sold it on consignment and made me very happy camper....

I highly recommend DeMartinies to do business with..
I think they are good businessmen and very fair with their prices..
I would buy another motorhome from them in a heatrbeat.
They have a large selection of new and used motorhomes..

NOTE...for those of you that live out of state, you can fly into Sacramento International airport and they will pick you up and you can drive your motorhome back home...

Good Traveling to all,

HARRY in Redding, California

Posted: 11/28/2003 8:57pm

I also dealt with Tim and found him to be a very upfront, nice guy!
I would have purchased from him but the MH he had, that we had been interested in, was not the color scheme we liked and we ended up purchasing elsewhere.


Posted: 11/28/2003 9:56pm

I'll join the list of people with a positive experience from Tim. Almost ordered a new coach through him but an apparent email glitch caused a delay, and in the meantime, I ended up making a commitment through a different dealer. Great website, fair and quick price quote. I will be sure to check with him next time.

Knight 34PDD (04')

Posted: 11/28/2003 10:12pm

Add me to the list of big fans of the DeMartini brothers! I'd been driving a very old ('84), short (26') Suncrest for 7 years that needed continuous work but I loved the floor plan. I live near the Grass Valley lot so I regularly dropped in to look at their rigs and they always treated me like an important potential customer. Imagine my surprise when I found the Holiday Rambler Traveler 29RPD model that is very much the same floorplan I love only new and with 2 slides! It took me 4 months of returning to look at the rig (lucky for me no one else wanted that model) to decide to buy it and every time I went to look at it they were gracious and never pushy...Tim made me several offers, lower each time, and Jon acted like I was an old friend! They worked with me to replace the standard sofa with something larger to accomodate 2 adults so my mom and aunt can travel with me.
When I took delivery from Jon just this past Wednesday he spent lots of time showing me all the wonderful features of my new rig and I'm sure he spent just as much time with me as he would have with someone who bought one of his $300-400K rigs! When I asked about the CB prep and he realized I wanted one he sent me right down to the shop (on my way out of the lot) and had one installed.
Their service is terrific, they are truly wonderful guys and I would highly recommend doing business with them! And their rigs are all top-notch!

Holiday Rambler 2003 Traveler RPD
Nevada City, CA

Posted: 11/29/2003 12:24am

I've drooled (shopped) at their Sacramento Location quite frequently over the course of 7 weeks. I found them to be very helpful as they they were trying to find me a used DP with the options I wanted in my price range.

I ultimately didn't purchase from them but I did go in to ask them about the 'private party' coach I was interested in and they thought it was a decent deal & gave me a thumbs up. All the while not trying to discourage or point me in their direction for a sale.

Very nice guys there!

Posted: 11/29/2003 10:15am

We found ours on RvTrader , when I found these clean Motorhomes kept coming up in Grass Valley, California (DeMartini's) where the hell is that? Made an offer on I, got accepted, drove down from Seattle area. They said we could back out if we didn't like it on site, the pictures were great online, only had 12K miles. We bought it, they put a tow-bar setup on our SUV and we drove home. Great people, every thing, was above board, felt we got a goot deal and were fairly treated. Would check with them first on the next motorhome. "Love the HR, Don't love the Ford V-10, ordered a Banks kit,hope to love that soon .

Steve & Nancy Finney

Posted: 11/29/2003 10:18am

I went to DeMartini's Sacramento dealership about two years ago after going all over the state looking at used (mostly abused) motorhomes. Found a great 34' with two slides for what I thought was a great price. I couldn't wait for the motorhome as they wanted to detail it and have everything checked before delivery so my wife and I came back one week later and the salesman walked us through all the working of it and we were on our way. Have not had any problems. They also installed three new batteries. I would deal with them again.

Posted: 11/29/2003 12:17pm

We have talked with Tim several times during the past year about MHs, but have not been able to pull the trigger on a deal. I have been impressed with Tim each time we have talked with him. He is always very helpful and accommodating when we have a discussion.

Posted: 11/29/2003 1:10pm

Add me to the list of supporters. Didn't buy from them because of the long distance to their dealership but talked with Tim a few times. Always felt like he was giving me special attention and never any pressure. If I ever get out Sacramento way, will look him up and see if we can trade.

Tom, Carole & One old dog named Folly

Posted: 11/29/2003 2:43pm

I bought a used 34'DP from Tim about 2 years ago. Found them to be very straight up. I wanted a rear veiw camera, they put one on no additional charge. Good service at a fair price. I would buy from them again!

Nick, Norma, & "Winston"

Posted: 11/29/2003 4:11pm

Bought my current 1990 Winnebago/Chieftain from them about 3.5 years ago. Same story as most of the above.

Was shopping the net for an older unit, found the Chieftain, emailed them, Tim answered immediately, I called him and he said make an offer on his site, I did and he accepted. A few days later I flew there from Friday Harbor, WA and after inspecting the coach, finding everything to be as represented and all systems working and they still do, we came to an agreement and I left with the Chieftain.

We've since put about 28,000 miles on it with no regrets and done quite a few upgrades.

When we're ready for another older coach we will be back to DeMartini's.

They are good people to deal with.

Happy travelling


Posted: 11/29/2003 4:53pm

ok, add us to the list. We delt with Demartini in Sac on our current ( and first ever) RV. They were patient, and straight up on the figures. They fixed everything on my list when I brought it back for pickup work, early, and even buffed out some scratches that some wife, who will remain nameless, did with trash cans. How's that for Customer Service, (thanks Johnathan!!) Even slapped on the bilsteins for me during the service for a meager 80 bucks.

they get a Munoz two thumbs up.

hey just noticed "FULL MEMBER!! whoohooo!

Henry, Karin and the kids

Posted: 11/29/2003 7:28pm

Bought my 2000 Admiral from Demartini 3 years ago. After being yanked around by several other dealers my wife and I settled on a 32 ft Admiral or so I thought. We went up to Grass Valley on a Saturday just to sign the docs. When we got there we started to vasellate between two other units. Nate our salesman was very patient, about 3 hours worth. We never felt pressured and the same deal we negotiated on the 32ft unit was honoured on the 34Ft we settled on.

When our motorhome was broken into. Demartini ordered a replacement window and drop shiped it to me at cost.

They are a joy to work with and are worth any extra money they would ask for. But their pricing is real competative so you will not pay more to be treated right.

Posted: 11/30/2003 10:37pm

Bill & Linda,

Wow, I can't believe how many positive comments you've received on thi stopic! Maybe this dealer should be sent a copy of this thread. It's always nice to know your appreciated for doing things right.


Posted: 11/30/2003 10:48pm

I purchased a new cayman from Tim DeMartini last May and have nothing but good things to say about him, his company and the attention to detail.   Seems to be a good solid comapny with competitive deals. good luck

Posted: 2/2/2004 8:38am

One more for Demartini! You will never find a more honest and helpful businessman than Tim Demartini. We bought our Endeavor sight unseen and Tin and his family have been great!

Don Irvine

Posted: 2/2/2004 10:46am

We just bought our 2004 42' Dynasty in December from Tim and couldn't say enough good things to say about the deal. Only two items on the on the PDI! They obviously did a pretty through prep job on my coach.


Posted: 2/2/2004 3:57pm

Bought my '99 Georgie Boy from De Martini and never had to take it back for any fix up, but I liked the way they operate and would go back again if I were in the market for a new rig.

Posted: 2/2/2004 9:59pm

Other Postings on DeMartini RV Sales
Thank you, to all of you that responded to my question about DeMartini RV sales. We are now the owners of a 2005 Monaco Diplomat DST 40' bath & half, triple slide. They were easy to deal with and held true to their word about the deal. They were $30,000 below our local dealer. The coach was delivered to our home in MS. and they picked up our other coach to take back to CA. The deal was made by telephone and internet. Tim and Jon were a pleasure to work with.
Planning a trip in 2 weeks, wish us luck on our shake down trip in the new coach.

Gary,Tommie & Bear

Posted on Open Roads Forum: 1/25/2005 10:38pm
DeMartini RV Sales,

We just want to let you know how satisfied we are with the DeMartini Team.  We first heard about your firm at a Monaco Rally in West Salem, Wisconsin.  Our motor home friends, the Stechers from Minnesota had referred us to your web site, stating that they had purchased their 2003 Monaco Camelot from you.  They informed us as to how pleased they were with the transaction as well as the savings. Upon returning from the rally, I contacted you via the web and was in touch with Tim immediately.  Within a week we took delivery of a new 2004 Camelot that came right off the assembly line that was delivered to our door, with all of the options that we requested and with several thousand dollars savings.  The driver picked up our 1998 Monaco Windsor and headed for California.  As the saying goes "We are HAPPY Campers."

Steve and Carol Stevenson
Richland Center, WI

Email sent on 7/29/04


I purchased a new Cayman last May (36PBD) and have put just over 9500 miles on it with no major problems. DeMartini RV in Grass Valley, CA was very competitive from a pricing stand point and has been super with the small service questions I have had. I live in NH and found their prices significantly better than anything I could get on the east coast. Give Tim DeMartini a call and see what he can do for you....the dealership handles both HR and Monaco. Good luck

Posted on Open Roads Forum: 2/8/2004 6:38pm

Try Demartini's in Grass Valley, CA. We bought our MH there and it was delivered free. Look at where we live. You should be able to get 25 to 30% off the MSRP.

Mike & Renate Gilliland
Gales Ferry, CT

Posted: 2/18/2004 11:15am

WE also purchased our new coach from Demartinis in Grassvalley. Great to work with and had the best price.

Dave, Jamie & 4 Kids

Posted: 2/18/2004 1:42pm

We have been very pleased with Monaco warranty and after warranty service and feel they put out a quality product and stand behind it. We bought it from Tim Demartini at demartini.com and have never met a more honest and helpful person. We tow a Honda CRV and it has had no problems.
Life just doesn't get much better!
Good luck and enjoy the search!

Don Irvine

Posted: 2/15/2004 11:38am

I am ready to purchase my third Monaco product and have had good luck with the product. Before you buy anything give Tim or Nate a call at DeMartini RV in Grass Valley, CA; they handle both HR and Monaco products and are very, very fair and competitive to deal with. You can find them onthe web.

Posted: 2/24/2004 5:42pm

We have a 2001 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 34 and Monaco has been incredible. We are going to trade in the next couple months and will either get a Diplomat or another Endeavor. We will buy from Tim Demartini. Great prices, delivers nationwide and the most honest and reputable businessman we have ever met. Take a look at demartini.com

Don Irvine

Posted: 2/23/2004 10:44am

Demartini RV in Grass Valley, CA is great. Give Tim DeMartini a call or visit thier web site for some super deals. i have purchased 2 Monaco's from him and have been very satisfied.

Posted: 2/11/2004 3:13pm

Before you buy give Tim DeMartini a call at Demartini Rv in Grass Valley, CA, I have purchased to Monaco products from him and he has been great. Very competitive with his pricing. I do not work for him just like to support good people and companies. Good luck

Posted: 2/11/2004 4:55am

We purchased a 30ft Admiral from Demartini in Sacramento. With the 3.99% factory financing we got alot of coach for the money. They sell them for 69K, and when you factor in the rate, you get about 5K more spending cash over a 15yr period. Demartini was great, no pressure or hassles. We love the Admiral, it has two slides, basement storage, and the quality overall is great.

good luck!

Henry, Karin and the kids
total RV newbies!!
2003 HR Admiral SE 30PDD "QME4LVN"
97 fatboy (future toad

Posted: 2/9/2004 11:08pm

If you select the Monaco, you will do yourself well by contacting DeMartini RV sales in Sacramento. If you do a search on DeMartini, you will find many happy customers on this forum. www.demartini.com

The process can actually be enjoyable with the right dealer...

Monaco Diplomat 40PDQ
Wife, 3 kids (and their friends), 2 tiny dogs
Ford Explorer Toad
Toy hauler w/dirt bikes

Posted: 2/9/2004 9:08am

Monaco or Holiday Rambler call Tim Demartini at Demartini.com. We bought our endeavor from him, long distance sight unseen. He gave a fair price and has been there for every possible need since the sale. I have never heard any customer with any complaint about this dealership!

Don Irvine

Posted: 2/9/2004 9:42am

I would add a third on Tim DeMartini even though we didn't end up buying a coach from him. Tim and his staff are top notch and the least pushy RV sales people I've ever met.

I first met Tim in 2000 at a RV show in Pleasanton, CA. Instead of being out trying to drum up business handing out things and being a pain, he was kicked back in a reclining chair discussing the weather and current events with passers by.


Posted: 2/9/2004 9:48am

I purchased a new Cayman last May (36PBD) and have put just over 9500 miles on it with no major problems. DeMartini RV in Grass Valley, CA was very competitive from a pricing stand point and has been super with the small service questions I have had. I live in NH and found their prices significantly better than anything I could get on the east coast. Give Tim DeMartini a call and see what he can do for you....the dealership handles both HR and Monaco. Good luck

Posted: 2/8/2004 6:38pm

I have not done any business with Giant, because I did not find them anywhere near as competitive and accomadating as DeMartini RV in Grass Valley, CA. I am in the process of buying my second Monaco product from DeMartini in less than a year! Tim DeMartini is extremely professional, great to deal with, and the dealership offers great "over the phone" service tips; I am in New Hampshire with no Monaco dealer close by so it is real nice to just call their 800 number and have Brad in service walk me thru any problems I might be having. Give Tim a call or sent him and e-mail he will get right back to you; not sure when the guy sleeps!

Posted: 2/4/2004 7:36pm

Only had two items which were fixed right away. Very happy with
DeMartini RV


Posted: 2/4/2004 3:34pm


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